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Workshop Sneak Peek

Here’s a preview and overview of our Acres USA one-day workshop December 9th in Pittsburgh. This is definitely an advanced workshop especially for field consultants and very knowledgeable growers. We’ll keep updating you as details about the workshop and the conference develop.

Download the PDF file here:
2015 Workshop Outline

2015 Workshop Outline

Advanced Soil & Crop Health
Maximizing Crop Performance Profitably Even Under Difficult Growing Conditions
with 2015 case studies

Session 1 – Noel Garcia, CCA – Soil Testing: Facts and Myths behind the first step of the season.
● Sampling: Why, when and how to do it.
● Soil Reports: What they should tell you and how they impact crop performance later.
● Importance of Secondary Nutrients, Micronutrients and Trace Elements.

Session 2 – Larry Zibilske, PhD – Reviving Soil Biology: A major Contributor to Soil Fertility.
● Brief review of the basic ecology of soil microbial populations, including their roles in nutrient cycling, disease antagonisms, soil tilth and rhizosphere effects, such as quorum sensing.
● Amendments and products to boost soil biology.
● Evaluating biological products.
● Applying biological concepts for fertility and plant stress management and disease control.
● Monitoring soil health and activity.

Session 3 – Noel Garcia, CCA – Plant Testing and Nutrition Requirements: Turning your farm around in one season.
● Leaf – Sap – Tissue Analysis: What's the difference and why all the recent interest?
● What to expect from your report.
● Changes in crop nutritional needs during the season and why timing is critical to yields and quality.
● Maximizing plant genetic potential and seeing results the same season.

Session 4 – Larry Zibilske, PhD – Soil Quality: Tracking improvement.
● Achieving and sustaining high soil quality.
● Development of a long-term plan with realistic goals.
● Matching improvement efforts to crop production needs – can efforts be overdone?

Session 5 – Noel Garcia, CCA & Larry Zibilske, PhD - Crop Nutrition: Not just N-P-K.
● Organic sources of nutrients.
● Differences between organic and inorganic sources.
● How to use both organic and inorganic fertilizer sources to achieve efficient use of input resources while maintaining a sustainably productive soil.

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