TPS Lab Presents a Cover Cropped Garden

At one time you asked me to send pictures of my cover cropped garden. Well here are some great ones. Steve

First row is a bed covered with mulch, volunteer grass and weeds, two beds with red clover just beginning to head out with some volunteer weeds and collards, then two beds left of weeds that came up last fall. Second row is swiss chard, kale, mulch, collards, and two beds that had tomatoes on them until late December, now covered with weeds. Third row Swiss Chard intermixed with garlic, garlic, kale , mulch collards, broccoli (the tall plants going to seed), and a weeded bed that had carrots all winter with 2 left to go to seed. Fourth row (with dog) divider onions, two beds cleaned and prepped for spring, turnips from last fall. Fifth row future beds that have paths laid out but are covered in weeds.

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