Video TPSL Presents Field Interviews Part 5 Silage Corn Good Crop From Marginal Soil

TPSL presents 2016 Field Reports Part 5 Silage Corn: Good Crop From Marginal Soil

Texas Plant and Soil Lab presents The 2016 Field Reports hosted by Stu Ellis.

This video features Jared Cook and Josh Kowitz with South Idaho Silage Corn Crops.

On the Yield: "We needed to boost the yield, to make up for the price change of commodities and we are farming a lot of marginal ground which is sand which is quite a challenge."

On the ROI: "The end result is going to be better and it is not going to be a great deal more expense than the conventional method."

Final yield was 37.8 tons per acre on a Mycogen BMR hybrid.

Stu Ellis and Jared Cook and Josh Kowitz discuss Ask The Plant® and how staying on program resulted in surprises and bigger returns than expected on crop yields.

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