Throw Back Thursday, Esper K. Chandler

Texas Soil Laboratory, Inc. became Texas Plant & Soil Lab, Inc. when Esper K. Chandler - a Certified Professional Agronomist and Soil Scientist - acquired the lab in 1981 together with his partner, Dr. Albin D. Lengyel (d. Mar., 1993) of Phoenix, Arizona.

Chandler started working with the lab in the mid-1950's and started research in 1964 correlating soil fertility to actual plant uptake, leading to further refining the CO2 Extraction Method for Soil Testing by Texas Plant & Soil Lab.

Esper K. Chandler co-authored the book "Ask The Plant" with Charles Walters, and this book forms the basis of today's Ask The Plant program.

Esper K. Chandler died in November of 2008, and is considered by many today as the patron saint of modern-day Texas Plant and Soil Lab.

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Throw Back Thursday - Esper K Chandler

Throw Back Thursday - Esper K Chandler

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