Video TPSL Presents Field Interviews Part 3 Idaho Silage Corn

The 2016 Field Reports – Part 3 Silage Corn: More Than Expected

Texas Plant and Soil Lab presents The 2016 Field Reports hosted by Stu Ellis.

This video features Jody Furnnis and and his 1,200 Acres of Idaho Silage Corn.

"I think with our nutrition, we have two healthy cobs coming on 90% of the plants."

"oh, Huge, huge (return on investment) - For the fees on the tests, and the corn crop we have, the fees are nominal"

"there's no comparison. I plan on (doing) it (next year)"

Stu Ellis and Jody Furnnis discuss Ask The Plant® and how staying on program resulted in great surprises and bigger returns than expected on crop yields.

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