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New Staff at TP&S Lab in 2012

Dr. Larry M. Zibilske came to work with us at TP&S Lab after the closure of the USDA-ARS Kika de la Garza Subtropical Research Center in Weslaco, Texas, where he was a senior research scientist. Dr. Zibilske was also a tenured professor at the University of Maine. After 19 years there, he decided to return to Texas 13 years ago. He has a great many accomplishments and we are somewhere beyond exceedingly pleased that he [finally] agreed to join us as our Vice-President of Research.

Dr. Zibilske is a hands-on, practical, real-world man who researches new laboratory procedures and your interesting crop/plant problems – and is authoring many of our new practical papers.

To find out much more about Dr. Zibilske, you can Google his name. There are enough search listings for you to read until you get tired (this writer winked out after the first 20 pages).

Ms. Mirtha Valdez came to us from a law firm and was originally hired for accounting, but she has since proven herself to be much more versatile than simply doing that. Not content to sit idly by when there is no immediate accounting work to be done, she has taken the initiative to go back into the lab and help out our chemists with sample preparation – amongst many other things. She seems to have a voracious appetite for learning new things, so we can hardly wait to see what she’ll be able to do a year from now!

We are particularly fortunate that the truly remarkable and energetic Ms. Valdez has chosen to throw in her lot with us!

We think that there are not many organizations that can boast TWO dedicated, talented and gifted people coming on board in the same year!

We hope to have some photos of these folks in the next newsletter so you can tell who is who…

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