National Orange Juice Day 2016 Texas Plant and Soil Lab

National Orange Juice Day 2016

Wednesday May 4th of 2016 is National Orange Juice Day.

Orange Juice wasn't always the breakfast mainstay that it is today. In earlier times, before modern refrigeration, fresh-squeezed orange juice had to be consumed immediately. With no way to transport orange juice, citrus producers were forced to destroy overproduction of orange fruit seasonally. It was not until the mid 1910's when pasteurization would be invented and America's national railway system would be completed that citrus growers would be able to utilize their excess citrus crops as juice to be distributed to grocery stores in the big cities. However once pasteurized and transported by rail in cold storage Orange Juice quickly became the preferred American breakfast beverage, replacing the British breakfast of stewed fruit.

Today Americans consume nearly a billion gallons of orange juice a year. At its peak in 1998, U.S. Orange Juice consumption hit 1.6 billion gallons. And yet even while orange juice consumption declines forecast price per boxes of oranges continues to escalate, seeing as much as a 2-dollars per box increase by 2022.

Orange Juice is increasingly expensive to produce in today's agricultural world. Making a profit on citrus crops while production costs increase and demand steadily declines becomes increasingly difficult for today's citrus growers. Finding a soil-fertility and plant-nutritional program that will increase crop yield and quality while decreasing usage of fertilizer, pesticides and water is imperative for the modern orange-tree orchard farmer.

Texas Plant and Soil Lab has a long and symbiotic relationship with Citrus growers and producers of all regions and sizes. Texas Plant and Soil Lab's founder, Dr. George Schulz, came directly from working with Citrus growers in Florida to McAllen Texas to work with Citrus growers in the Rio Grande Valley. Since 1938 Texas Plant and Soil Lab has worked hand-in-hand with some of the largest citrus growers in America. Our decades of experience since 1938 combined with our proven performance in the field make us second-to-none and far ahead of the competition.

So support your health and your local orange growers and reintroduce yourself to America's favorite breakfast drink - have a big glass of orange juice. And if you're an orange grower who wants to break records and make more profit than ever call Texas Plant and Soil Lab today at 956-383-0739 and let us tell you about our proprietary Ask the Plant program!

Happy National Orange Juice Day.

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