National Garden Meditation Day

National Garden Meditation Day 2016

Tuesday May 3rd of 2016 is National Garden Meditation Day.

Set aside time today to relax in a garden setting. Resting in a garden reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and boosts immunity. Our body responds positively to a natural garden surrounding and National Garden Meditation Day is a great way to motivate us to get out in the garden and take some time to relax.

Not sure what to do while meditating in your garden? Here are some helpful suggestions.

  • Use a gazing ball or wind ornament to focus on something beautiful and clear your mind as you relax in your garden environment. A pinwheel or decorative statue or favorite flower can all serve as a singular place to concentrate on a state of peace.
  • Use a garden setting for payer or devotional time. There's no better place to feel closer to the creator than peacefully praying or reading scripture in a garden of his creation. Consider the complexity of the flowers and the bees and the vegetables beneath the ground and find humility in the complexity of creation in the beauty of a garden.
  • Sip a healthy beverage and snack on fruit or raw vegetables. Getting back to nature is easy when eating garden items or fresh fruit and veggies from your farmer's market or local grocer. Green tea or lemonade is an easy compliment to a fresh garden snack. If your schedule doesn't allow for a leisurely snack time you can plan your lunch around a local park or business park garden.
  • Reading in a garden can be peaceful, immersive and enriching. Poetry, philosophy, or just your favorite novel will benefit from the sensory activating environment of a garden. If you feel like you can't take time from your busy schedule perhaps you can do homework or catch up no the news in your garden.
  • If you don't have land or enough balcony space for a few potted plants you can always visit a neighborhood park or community garden. Volunteer some time weeding or make a donation to your local community garden.

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