SILICON - The "Miracle" Trace Element? by Larry Zibilske PhD

SILICON – The “Miracle” Trace Element? by Larry Zibilske PhD

TPS Lab’s Vice-President of Research, Larry Zibilske, PhD, has written a paper, “SILICON – The “Miracle” Trace Element?” You may download the paper in our PDF form. SILICON The “Miracle” Trace Element? Larry Zibilske, Ph.D. Mineral soils are derived from rocks that contain about 30% Silicon (Si).  Silicon is the second most abundant element in the […]

Compost Testing at Texas Plant and Soil Lab

Carbonicum Media Analysis for Compost and Rooting Media

TPS Lab was one of the earliest pioneers (as Texas Soil Laboratory, Inc.) in compost quality testing, starting in the 1950s. Since those days, the lab has continued to develop, innovate and expand real-world quality testing to include virtually all forms and combinations of rooting media – organic and inorganic. TPS Lab’s Technical Director, Noel […]