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Should Farmer Replant after Hail Storm Nearly Destroys Crops

Texas Plant and Soil Lab ® received these inquiries from one of our crop consultants who sent us these pictures concerning several West Texas Cotton fields that suffered from hail damage: Cotton Crops Suffer Hail Damage in West Texas “Howdy, We sent some plant samples yesterday for plant testing and analysis but one of the […]


Texas Produce Convention 2011

The Texas Produce Convention of 2011 will be hosted by the Texas Produce Association, the Texas Citrus Mutual, and the Valley Ag Insurance Service. The convention will be held at the Isla Grand Beach Hotel and Resort located in South Padre Island, Texas. The convention will run through August 17th to 19th. Cost is determined […]

TPSL Texas Plant And Soil Lab

Flood Damage of Farm Field in Missouri 2011

Here are some photos from our friend, Jeffrey Kleypas of Quick-Sol of Texas, of a field in Missouri after the flood waters subsided. Note the center pivot in the pictures. Standing Next to Ravines Left Behind by Flooding Missouri Farm Field devastated by Flooding in 2011 Water Damaged to Flooded Missouri Farm Field Steep Ravines […]


Rain in Edinburg, Texas – June 22nd 2011

Rain and Flash Flooding in Edinburg, Texas Texas Plant and Soil Lab saw a little relief to the Texas drought this week. Four-and-a-half inches of rain in an hour! That’s what Edinburg got Wednesday – and it rained all day. By 2:30 that afternoon, we had a nearby lightening strike which took down all the […]


Planting Sunflower Crops After Wheat Crops a Great Option

There are great opportunities for farmers and growers in the High Plains to double-crop sunflower after winter wheat this year due to limited plantings in the northern states. “Much of North Dakota and parts of South Dakota are saturated from consistent rains and the window for planting sunflower is closing very soon,” said Tom Young, […]

Purple Grapes

Harvesting Wine Grapes – Tomorrow! Weds June 22nd 2011

McAllen, Texas Everyone: Meet me in the morning at Jorge Jaber’s to pick grapes. Jorge had hoped to do this on Saturday, but the sugars in the grapes say it has to be NOW. So we are meeting at 7:00 a.m. at his place. Bring clippers, wear sunscreen and tennis shoes and a hat!!! The […]

TPSL is a Full-Service Analytical and Consulting Agronomic Laboratory

TPS Lab is a Full-Service Analytical and Consulting Agronomic Laboratory

Welcome to TPS Lab’s Blog If you wish to visit the Home-Page of the TPS Lab Website, please Click Here. Here on our Blog we’ll be posting latest updates, news and upcoming events. TPS Lab, established in 1938, is a leading national testing lab for Soil, Plant, and Water analysis. For over 75 years we […]