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Acres U.S.A. Pre-conference Workshop 2015

Texas Plant & Soil Lab - featuring Dr. Larry Zibilske and Noel Garcia, CCA - has been invited to give another Acres U.S.A. pre-conference workshop this year in Pittsburg. This year it will be a one-day-only, extremely concentrated session, again designed for well-experienced field consultants and growers. The workshop will focus upon not only post-session questions asked by attendees of our two previous ACRES workshops, but also never-before-presented material.

The point of our workshops is to give you greater insights into how we save farms (maybe even yours!) and yield astounding field results - even when disaster strikes and against all odds - to our clients all around the world.

We hope we'll meet you there!

Space is always limited - so you really need to REGISTER EARLY with Acres U.S.A.
Watch for frequent updates! Stay tuned.

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