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TPS Lab, established in 1938, is a leading national testing lab for Soil, Plant, and Water analysis.

For over 75 years we have been perfecting the process of laboratory soil analysis, the Daubeny Extraction Method, utilizing Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to mimic the way plants naturally take in nutrients, and the Albrecht system of fertility balancing for optimum crop yields.

If you don't know what is in your soil or water, if you are at a loss to explain poor plant performance, if you have been told your soil or water or plants are beyond help, if you desire better yields and consistent harvest, or if you are unaware of the heavy metals in your soil, water and crops, we can help.

Our spectrum of services range from mail-in soil test kits for the at-home enthusiast, to resell services for commercial providers such as nurseries, landscapers and greens-keepers, to government contracts, agricorps and universities all over the world.

In conjunction with the most accurate of laboratory results in the industry and the closest to Nature of methods, TPS Lab specializes in soil fertility and plant nutrition. We have trained and certified professionals who have interpreted tens of thousands of soil test over decades of years.

Our proprietary Ask the Plant® program allows you to dynamically adjust your fertilization program to accommodate your crop's ever-changing nutritional requirements throughout the growing season resulting in higher crop yields, reduced water use, eliminating fertilizer waste and ensuring a healthy, safe product.

We are proficient in all chemical, organic, biological and physical aspects of agricultural science.

On our site you can review our services for soil, plant, and water testing, analysis and recommendations. We are also able to accommodate special requirements testing not see here.

Please contact us today at 956-383-0739 and speak with us about your needs.

TPS Lab Testing Catalog and Fee Schedule
Download TPS Lab's CONSOLIDATED FEE SCHEDULE, our complete catalog of available testing and pricing.

Laboratory PDF Forms Available for Download


Compost / Humate / Manure Test Sample Submittal
Humate / Manure and NON-USCC STA Compost Test Sample Submittal
Humate Test Results Example
USCC STA Compost Sample Chain of Custody


Calculating Fertilizer Application Rates from Your TPSL Soil Test Report
Fertilizer Test Sample Submittal


Heavy Metals Test Matrix


Avocado Boron Nutritional Information
Cotton Petiole Field Sample Sheet
Fresh Fruit Elements Analysis Test
Grapevine Petiole or Leaf Test Sample Submittal
How to Take a Plant Sample - Leaf and Petiole Sampling Instructions
International Plant Permit and Sample Submittal Instructions
Pecans Petiole and Leaf Sampling Instructions
Plant Nutrients Guide
Plant Test Form
Solvita® Grain and Seed Fungal and Spoilage Test Sample Submittal
Watermelon Plant Analysis Example


How to Take a Good Soil Sample
International Soil Permit and Sample Submittal Instructions
Lawn and Garden Single Soil Test
Organic Matter vs. Humus Explanation
Salty Soil Management
Single Comprehensive Soil Test Sample Submittal Form
Soil Test Sample Submittal Form for Multiple Samples
Soil Test Guide
Soil Test Report Example
Soil Pathology Test Form


Example of Well Water Test Analysis Results
Example of River Water Test Analysis Results
Salty Water Management
Water Sampling Instructions
Water Test Analysis Guide Sheet
Water Test Multi Sample Submittal
Water Test Single Sample Submittal

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